Games will follow OHSAA rules except as listed below.

Timing: Third- and fourth-grade: 18-minute halves with a running clock except during the last two minutes of the game and timeouts. Fifth- and sixth-grade: 12-minute halves with the clock stopping on all whistles. Overtimes: two-minutes each. Continuous clock if a team is up by 20 points (until the difference is reduced below 20 points).

Timeouts: Two full timeouts (90 seconds) per team per game. One additional timeout each overtime period.

Warmups: Five minutes before the game and four minutes at halftime.

Foul shooting: Third- and fourth-grade: Shooter can step over the line, but cannot be the first player to touch the rebound.

Discipline: A player or coach will be ejected from the entire tournament for the second technical foul he or she incurs in the tournament. A team will be assessed a technical foul if the conduct of its fans is inappropriate.

Defensive rules: Any type of half-court defense is permitted. No full court defense when a team is leading by 20 points. Third-grade: Full court defense in the last nine minutes of the game. Fourth- and fifth-grade: Full court defense in the second half. Sixth-grade: Full court defense permitted the entire game. First offense is a warning; second offense is a technical foul.

Varsity girls basketballs (28.5 inches) will be used in all divisions.

The home team is listed second and wears its choice of jersey if there is a color conflict.

Ohio concussion rules will be enforced. Players leaving a game for a suspected concussion cannot return to games that day and must have a medical note to return on a later date. All suspected concussions will be reported to the tournament director.

Officials control game conduct. There are no protests or appeals.