This is a youth sports activity involving young children being watched by their younger siblings. Good sportsmanship from all players, coaches, parents, and fans is expected.

Perry Youth Basketball has a "zero tolerance" policy for inappropriate conduct, including obscene language, threatening behavior, or obnoxious conduct towards others. There are no warnings. Violators will be told to leave and will be banned for the remainder of the tournament.

Please remember that scorekeepers are not to be coaching or yelling during the game like a fan. This includes going to the team huddle, yelling at officials, or rooting for a team. There should be a neutral scoreboard operator present. If not, the home team's scorebook controls.

All technical fouls will be reported by referees to the tournament director. Any player or coach receiving two technical fouls the entire tournament will be banned for the remainder of the tournament.

Anyone ejected from a game must leave the court, the building, and the premises.

Player and child safety is our number one priority.