Non-playing rules

Sportsmanship and good conduct are our first priorities. Disrespect towards players, coaches, parents, or officials will not be tolerated. Behavior which is not acceptable during the school day is not acceptable in PYB. Those showing negative behaviors - players, coaches, parents, fans - will be immediately asked to leave the building and may be removed from the program. Officials are in charge of both the court and the stands. They are encouraged to stop play and correct inappropriate behavior. They are to end games early if inappropriate behavior continues. All inappropriate behavior should be reported to PYB for immediate action.

We break teams up by grades. Third and fourth grades play by "junior" rules. Fifth and sixth grades play by "senior" rules. Second-graders play scrimmages.

If a paid official is not at a game, one coach from each team shall referee that game. If only a single paid official is at a game, coaches shall not volunteer to be a second referee.

Freshman basketball players volunteer to operate the scoreboard. The home team shall have a parent assist the scoreboard operator by keeping a manual backup (handwritten) scorebook. If the freshman volunteer is absent, each team shall provide one parent. The home team parent shall operate the scoreboard (score and time); the visiting team parent shall keep track of fouls and playing rotations. Scorers shall not keep points by individual player so as to discourage players from "checking their stats". A coach may be the volunteer for his or her team, but shall sit with the other volunteer the entire game and shall not act as a coach before or during the game, including timeouts.

During games in the varsity gym, teams sit on the baseline. One coach from each team may be on the sideline against the bleachers between halfcourt and the baseline closest to his or her team's bench. (This means that the coach will be on his team's defensive end for half the game and offensive end for half the game.) The sideline coach is reminded to stay away from play to allow the referee and players sufficient space. All other coaches must remain on the bench on the baseline - in a seat if one is available.

PYB is a "fair play" league. Each player plays about the same amount of a game. PYB takes this very seriously. This rule does not apply to travel games.

Coaches will assist during substitutions to try and match up players by skill level. PYB believes that it is more important to give players a competitive challenge while on the court than it is to give a team a competitive advantage in the game.

The winning team shall use the dustmop to clean the floor immediately so that the next teams can warm up. The winning teams in each gym in the last games of the day are also responsible for making sure that all trash is picked up in the bleachers or stands and putting it in the garbage.

Teams shall use varsity girls, 28.5-inch basketballs provided by the league.

Sportsmanship will guide the interpretation of these rules. Examples include the following:

Coaches and officials are encouraged to give advice to players on both teams about what they are doing right or wrong while they are on the court.

Referees will interpret the rules keeping in mind the age and skill level of the players involved and the length of the season. Second graders will double dribble, fourth graders will camp out in the paint, but life will still go on. At the lower-age divisions, one should expect a stoppage in play, but not a turnover, especially early in the season. In the senior division, these violations will be called as turnovers from a very early point in the season. These will be in the referee's sole discretion and announced to both teams.

Everyone should encourage players to line up and shake hands after every game.

Coaches and players should not be "taking advantage" of the rules. Examples would include intentionally fouling a shooter, double-teaming the ball handler, or stalling at the end of the game.