Game timing

Games consist of two halves, each with four, four-minute periods (32 minutes total).

Overtime shall consist of two minute-periods. After two overtimes, the next overtime becomes "sudden death" - the next point wins the game.

Games will start at 10 minutes after the hour, even if warmups have to be shortened. There shall be a five-minute halftime break.

The time between periods (except halftime) is for substitutions only. Coaches will need to use a timeout if they want to talk to their team between periods.

Each team shall have four timeouts per game, lasting one minute each.

The team in possession of the ball at the end of the period shall inbound the ball to start the next period. (Exception: halftime and overtime.) Players do not need to heave the ball at the basket at the end of the period.

The game clock will not stop except in the last minute of the game (not the half) per normal NHSA rules (deadballs, turnovers, fouls, and injuries) and then only if there is less than a 10-point margin. The clock will not stop for injuries unless play is stopped for more than 30 seconds.