Only man-to-man defense is allowed.

Zone defense and traps are strictly prohibited.

There is no double-teaming with the exception of "help defense" when the offensive player with the ball drives to the basket.

If there is not sufficient space behind the sideline or baseline for inbounding the ball, the official shall make it clear that the defense cannot be within three feet of the offensive player inbounding the ball.

Junior division: Upon a turnover, rebound, or made field goals, the defensive players must drop back behind the half-court line. When the offensive team tries to hurry the ball up the court, defenders do not have to let the ball go by without trying to defend the ball or stop the player. If the offensive team does not want defenders reaching in, it should wait for defenders to back up before moving the ball up court. When up by 15 points, junior teams must drop back inside their three-point line to play defense.

Senior division: There is no limit on where defense may be played from baseline to baseline, but defense is still man-to-man. No trapping or zone is ever allowed. When up by 15 points, senior teams must drop back beyond half-court to play defense.

Violations may be called as a technical foul.