Travel teams

Are there "elite" or "travel" teams? Yes. PYB organizes travel teams for grades 3-6.

Can a boy play both "rec" and "travel"? Yes, but he must commit to attending all practices (3 per week) and games (2 per week) for both teams.

What is the cost? Travel players pay an extra $100, whether or not they decide to play "rec" league. There are no scholarships. Parents should also expect to pay up to $3 every time they attend a travel game.

What it is included in the cost? Travel uniforms, gym time for practices, and about 24-30 games from December to early March.

How are travel teams picked? Tryouts will be held October 24, 2019. (Grades 3-4 are 5:30 to 7:30 pm; grades 5-6 are 7 to 9 pm). All registrered PYB players will be notified. No parents are allowed into the tryouts. There is a mandatory meeting for parents and players just before the tryouts.

How many boys make each team? It varies on the abilities of the players. PYB has to consider player abilities and playing time. We do not keep players to make money.

Is equal playing time guaranteed? No. Coaches are instructed to make sure that each player gets an average of at least one-quarter of playing time per game over the course of the season. That does not mean one-quarter of each game. Your child may play very little in some games and quite a bit in other games. Travel leagues are notoriously uneven in skill level; teams may win by 40 points one week and lose by 40 points the next week. Our travel coaches keep this in mind so that everyone on the team gets to play against appropriately-skilled opponents. Putting your child on the floor against a vastly superior lineup is not going to help his confidence or skills a great deal. This is not always easy, especially if more than eight players are on a travel team. For that reason, PYB may have a rotation of players whom "sit out" a weekend of travel games so that coaches do not have to try and get more than eight players into a game. (Frankly, most travel parents enjoy the occassional weekend without a game.) Your child will be getting as much out of the practices as he will out of the games.

Can my child "play up"? No. Not only is it not necessary, but it is also unfair to players in the older grade.

What is the commitment for a travel team? Friday night practices in November, then two practices per week into early March. Travel teams play either Saturday or Sunday at the Babe Stern Center in December and January. Travel teams also play five weekend tournaments in February and early March.