Travel teams

Are there "elite" or "travel" teams? Yes. PYB organizes travel teams for fourth- through sixth-graders. This will be in addition to the regular PYB season.

Remember, your child cannot try out for a PYB travel team if he or she is not playing for a PYB team in the regular season.

How are travel teams picked? There are tryouts the last week of October. Everyone is welcome to try out. No parents are allowed into the tryouts. The number of teams we will have depends upon player and coach interest. We encourage children to show up for travel tryouts even if they are "on the fence".

What is the commitment for a travel team? There are two extra practices per week through February. Travel teams play either Saturday or Sunday at the Babe Stern Center in December and January in addition to playing in PYB games Sunday afternoons. Travel teams also play in four weekend tournaments in February.

Travel team players cannot participate on the travel team if they miss regular PYB practices or games. The travel team is not more important than the other PYB teams.

What is the cost of the travel team? $100 in addition to the regular registration fee. There are no scholarships for the travel team. This covers 20 extra games plus a travel uniform.