What divisions are there? Third- and fourth-grade players are "juniors"; fifth- and sixth-grade players are "seniors." We usually keep each grade separate.

How are teams organized? Our first priority is to balance the talent on each team.

Why is first/second grade treated differently? Our experience has led us to the current system of scrimmages for first and second-graders without set teams. We can spend time on group instruction on basics such as dribbling, passing, and movement. We can use all of our coaches together to help with instruction. Half-court scrimmages limit wasted time running up and down the court, one missed basket after another. Coaches can stop scrimmages to work with the players on certain skills and limit the repetition of bad habits (such as running with the ball).

Does everyone play? Yes! PYB uses the "fair-play" system. Not only does everyone play the same amount, but coaches try and match up players of equal talent during each substitution. Players need to learn to succeed without their "superstar" on the court. It teaches very little to have the "best" player on the team matched up against a player of obviously lesser talent on the other team. A violation of the "fair play" rule is cheating and we want to know about it. This league is about making players, not building a coach's ego over an undefeated season.

Will my child be on the same team as last year? Maybe. We try and encourage stability, but there are no guarantees. Coaches and players move up in divisions or stop participating. We cannot keep whole teams together of experienced players and then form teams of completely new players.

How many players are on a team? Ideally, there are eight players on a team. We want to encourage playing time, but not cause problems if there are injuries or vacations.

Can I request that my child be on a team with a particular player/coach? No. Unfortunately, we have seen this used in other leagues by families/coaches trying to "stack" a team with talented players. However, if you were unsatisfied with your coach or team last year, you can ask that your child be assigned to another team.

My cousin from another school district wants to play. Can he play? Yes, but the focus of this league is on Perry Pride. To discourage "stacking" of talent, players from outside the district will not be placed on the same team as their friend or relative, so please do not ask.

Can parochial students play in PYB? Yes and they are encouraged to do so. PYB will try and keep St. Joan of Arc children together just like the other schools.

Is there a league championship or trophies? We will have a championship tournament for the sixth grade only. All teams qualify for this tournament. There is no tournament or record-keeping for other grades. We want children to be competitive and to enjoy winning, but not at the expense of being a good sport.