What special rules are there? Check out the Rules page for more information and updates. The idea behind every rule is to encourage fair competition and skill development. Other leagues use similar rules. We make players, not coaches.

Why do they have to play man-to-man defense? The varsity coaches want us to stress man-to-man defense. It encourages the children to learn good defensive skills and keeps them from shooting three-pointers all day. Likewise, offenses are banned from certain pick plays and clear outs to discourage teams from involving just one or two players on offense. Zone can be learned quickly at older ages.

Why are there so few free throws? To keep the games moving and because younger children cannot shoot that far.

Why are there no three-point shots? Because some gyms are too small and because it discourages players from standing still and heaving the ball from 20 feet.

How much does everyone play? We use a fair-play system. Everyone plays the same amount and rotates evenly. Players should never sit out more than one period in a row. Coaches do not get to save their stars for the final period. Please let us know of violations of this rule.

Is there a code of conduct? Yes, and PYB expects EVERYONE to follow it. We are very serious about making sure your children see examples of sportsmanship from other players, coaches, volunteers, and parents. As much as we all get excited at the games of our children, it only takes one person to ruin it for everyone. PYB is very mindful of this and has no tolerance for poor behavior. If you cannot be a good sport, please do not come to the game or practice. Do not make us stop a game or practice and embarrass you in front of your child by telling you to leave.

Why did the ref call a violation, but not turn the ball over? We want to encourage new players to enjoy handling the basketball without worrying about turning it over early in the season. However, we want to stop bad habits - double-dribble and traveling are the most common. It is amazing how young players stop these bad habits if the ref simply stops the play and makes them slow down. Please be patient and understand that the refs are often also doing some coaching out there.