Will we have paid officials? Yes. There will be two officials at each game.

This league is about sportsmanship and learning, whether there are paid referees or not. Officials will not see every violation. They make mistakes, just like players, coaches, and parents. Players, coaches, and parents are expected to respect the referees and support their decisions. Please remember that these officials handle many different leagues and skill levels and will probably need to get used to the special rules of our league at the beginning of the season, just like the players and coaches.

Why did the ref call a violation, but not turn the ball over? We want to encourage new players to enjoy handling the basketball without worrying about turning it over early in the season. However, we want to stop bad habits - double-dribble and traveling are the most common. It is amazing how young players stop these bad habits if the ref simply stops the play and makes them slow down. Please be patient and understand that the refs are often also doing some coaching out there.