How long are games and practices? Sixty to 90 minutes each. Gym space is precious in Perry, so please be ahead of schedule so that your child does not miss out on the opportunity to practice or play.

Can I watch my child's practice? Absolutely, whenever space permits. However, if parents cannot monitor their other children and keep them from running the halls or going into other rooms, we will have to close the building to players-only.

How many teams practice together? Generally, two teams share a court for practice. PYB tries to keep the same two teams together all season so that the teams and coaches are comfortable sharing a floor. PYB simply does not have the gym space to do anything else. Most coaches use this opportunity to work the teams together or to scrimmage full court.

Will there be any extra practices? No. PYB discourages coaches finding "extra" practice space or time. It is not fair to the other teams and is considered cheating. How would you feel if you found out the team you were playing had an extra practice every week? It usually requires parents or coaches to pay extra to rent the space. Coaches should also not try and extend practice beyond the time allotted. It is not fair to the other teams or to the parents waiting to get their children home and ready for bed. If your coach tries to schedule "extra" practices or to stay late, please let us know immediately.