Organizational questions

What comes with the registration fee? Practices, games with paid officials, use of gym space, basketballs for first- and second-graders, and a reversible jersey. The only extra expense is if you choose to purchase photos.

Should I contact the varsity coach / athletic director / superintendent if I have a problem? No. PYB is not operated by the school district. The school district's assistance to the PYB is strictly voluntary. If you have a problem that has come up in PYB, contact the PYB. Problems should be addressed in writing (letter or email). Varsity coaches have 100 other things on their plate from November to March. Your concerns about Sam not making a travel team, Sarah's coach using inappropriate language, or Suzie getting fouled too hard during a game cannot be added.

Can I get a refund? Yes, but no later than October 7.

Where does my money go? Our biggest costs are gym space, officiating, insurance, and jerseys.

PYB handles its own budget and reviews the same at its volunteer meetings, which you are welcome to attend.