What can I do to help my child become a better player? The varsity coaches will tell you one thing - play with them! The 20 hours your child spends on a court with PYB are a foundation to build upon. Play in the driveway, let them dribble the basketball in the basement, and let them explore other recreational leagues in the off-season if they are interested.

Is this a good league for a first-time player? Yes! This league is usually the first basketball team experience for our children. Each year, about one-third of our players are new. There are children of all skill levels in this league. Our goal is to make this a positive experience for the first-time player so he or she wants to keep getting better and come back again and again.

Can my child play in another league while playing in PYB? There are many good leagues in the area, but the Perry varsity coaches ask that you make PYB a priority during the PYB season. We certainly understand if there is a small overlap, such as the completion of the fall season at First Friends. If your child makes a PYB travel team, scheduling conflicts with the PYB should not be a problem. Do not try and have your child play for more than one travel team. Remember, your child cannot try out for a PYB travel team if he or she is not registered to play for PYB.

How do I know which team my child is on? Teams and coaches will be assigned in late October. Your coach should call you by October 31. Schedules will be placed on the website.