We always need good coaches. We are very interested in constantly improving our coaching staffs to make sure that your children are enjoying the experience and appreciate all of their volunteer efforts. Our insurance requires that anyone trying to help out at practice first be approved as a coach by the league. Please contact Nate Slabaugh at 330-354-5293 to volunteer.

What does PYB expect out of coaches? We expect coaches to be good role models and teach our children life lessons - just like we expect of the parents in the stands. PYB concentrates on goals put forth by the Positive Coaching Alliance. Please explore PCA website and learn more about what you can do to make this league the most enjoyable youth sports experience for your child.

What background do I need to coach? We are more concerned about being a role model than being a basketball expert. Basketball drills and practice scheduling can be taught. The high school staff will be assisting coaches before the season.

What is the coaching time commitment? Other than a pre-season coaching clinic, coaches only have to attend practices and games.

Can I request a particular coach for my child? No, but if you would like a different coach than last year, we will make that happen.

Do children of a coach play for free? No.

If I coach, will my child be on my team? Yes.

Can a couple of coaches ask to work together on the same team? No promises are made unless they are a husband-and-wife team. First, PYB may have to split coaching tandems up to make sure that there are enough coaches for all teams. Second, coaches in other leagues have tried to do this to try to stack talented players on a single team.

Do coaches go through a background check? There is a basic background check on all coaches and the decisions of PYB are final.

Do coaches have to take any training? They must take concussion training from for insurance and liability purposes.